Roller Conveyor
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The accumulation function is realized by the electric drum. Each accumulation section has an electric drum. The electric drum is connected to a certain number of unpowered drums through the PolyVee belt. With the help of the control unit, the goods are accumulated and transported under zero pressure.

technical parameter:

1. Operation form: one-way; horizontal operation; roller conveying.

2. Operating temperature: Temperature: 0-45 degrees Humidity: 40-90%, if there is no condensation close to the freezing point, an air dryer is required.

3. Package weight: The weight of each package should not exceed 30kg, and the length of one meter should not exceed 50kg.

4. Conveying speed: 0.1m/s-1m/s (30kg)

5. Drive roller: 24VDC electric roller or 380V electric roller.

6. Roller material: steel galvanized/PVC/stainless steel.

7. Roller size: diameter 50mm, 60mm, 70mm.

8. Product width: The inner width of the frame is +80mm.

9. Product length: area length * number of sections, max3600mm.