Inclined Wheel Sorter
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The sorting action is reasonable and soft, and the rollers are made of rigid polyurethane, which can effectively block the impact of the goods; the direction of the rollers is fast and accurate, and the direction of rapid rotation and accurate reciprocating positioning are realized by the servo motor; low noise, no need to add lubricating oil regularly, unit structure , easy to maintain; suitable for cartons, material boxes and other goods with smooth bottoms.

technical parameter:

1. Sorting efficiency: 2000-4000 pieces/hour.

2. Conveying speed: the high speed is not less than 1.5 m/s.

3. Sorting item specification min: W*L*H=100mm*250mm*15mm, 0.2kg.

4. Sorting item specification max: W*L*H=600mm*950mm*500mm, 50kg.

5. Number of sorting compartments: Number of compartment=2N+1

6. Rotating mechanism operation mode: Servo motor drives precise positioning.

7. The average noise of the whole machine: ≤70DB.