cross belt sorter
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The sorting action is gentle, the impact on the goods is small, and the goods can be sorted at a high speed for a long time; the structure is compact, the noise reduction structure, the modular disassembly and assembly are convenient, and the cost-effective; Strong performance; Support automatic code scanning, automatic weighing, automatic measurement of goods size, saving production costs and management costs of enterprises; Stable performance, flexible configuration, and can be customized according to user needs.

technical parameter:

1. Sorting layers: single layer, double layer.

2. Main line track: Aviation industry grade aluminum alloy track, which adopts modular assembly.

3. Host drive mode: driven by asynchronous linear motor, the thrust of a single motor is 650N.

4. Car belt drive mode: 48VDC low-voltage servo motor drive, support 3 times overload, support bus communication.

5. The way of taking electricity from the trolley: the sliding contact line takes electricity, 48V DC; the non-contact power supply system can be selected according to customer requirements.

6. Trolley communication mode: leaky wave cable wireless communication.

7. The belt width of the introduction table: customized according to the size of the goods; the typical size is 630mm*820mm.

8. The number of belt sections in the introduction table: 3 belts without dynamic weighing or 4 belts with dynamic weighing, which can be customized according to customer requirements.

9. Importing table efficiency: The actual effective efficiency is ≥1800 pieces/hour.

10. Main line running speed: 1.6-2.5m/s.

11. Sorting efficiency: depends on the main line speed of the sorter and the pitch of the trolley.

12. The average noise of the whole machine: ≤70DB.

13. Sorting error rate: ≤0.01%.

14. Barcode reading rate: ≥99%.