Reciprocating elevator
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The reciprocating hoist is driven by a chain, and the motor is controlled by frequency conversion speed regulation to make the hoisting car reciprocate up and down. The hoisting car is equipped with a transmission mechanism, so that the conveyed objects can automatically enter the hoisting car of the elevator. This type of hoist has the characteristics of advanced control, reliable performance, and high positioning accuracy of the elevator car.


1. Automatic operation and configuration of various safety devices to ensure the safety of personal and cargo;

2. The material can be conveyed in the up and down stroke of the elevator car, and the material can flow in both directions at the same time during one cycle of the elevator car;

3. The reciprocating elevator uses the up and down reciprocating motion of the elevator car to realize the vertical transportation of materials. Different types of conveying equipment can be installed on the lift car, and cooperate with the entrance and exit conveying equipment to realize the complete automation of the conveying process, thereby improving the production efficiency;

4. The reciprocating elevator has various forms (fixed or mobile), and the layout is flexible. Materials can enter and exit the elevator from all directions, which is convenient for the layout of production equipment;

5. Types of materials to be conveyed: boxes, pallets, pallets

6. Can be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements