Box type four-way shuttle
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The box-type four-way shuttle is a kind of intelligent handling equipment that can realize both vertical and horizontal walking on the shelf track, and is used to realize the in-out operation of material boxes or cartons. Use the precise telescopic finger grabber to take out the material box and transport it to the designated exit position, and at the same time, the material box at the entrance position can be stored in the designated cargo space.

Features of the box-type four-way shuttle:

Four-way fast shuttle operation process:

◇ Cargo handling operations

· The four-way shuttle car travels in four directions according to the task path in the rack, accessing and transporting goods to the conveyor in front of the warehouse.

· The high-speed compound hoist moves up and down in the vertical direction at the end of the conveyor in front of the warehouse to connect and transport the goods to the ground conveying system or other connecting equipment.

◇ Layer change operation

· The four-way shuttle car drives into the high-speed compound hoist according to the system command to perform layer changing operations.

· The four-way shuttle is carried by a high-speed hoist, and moves up and down in the vertical direction to change the operation layer.


save energy

Low voltage power supply, consumes less energy

Increased throughput

The inbound and outbound processing capacity is 3-4 times that of the automated three-dimensional warehouse

Occupy less land

In the case of the same processing capacity, fewer roadways are required, reducing the use of space and reducing the footprint

Multiple warehouse layout options

The fast shuttle system can be arranged anywhere on the upper and lower floors of the factory building, and the height requirements of the factory floor are not high

Flexible, modular and expandable

It is completely possible to flexibly add more shuttles at any stage according to business needs to improve the processing capacity of system operations

stronger scheduling

The system can autonomously schedule idle shuttles for cross-operation, touching each cargo space in the warehouse