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How much do you know about the principle of logistics sorting robots?


With the development of logistics intelligence, logistics sorting robots have also been created and gradually promoted. Although everyone knows that logistics sorting robots work efficiently, little is known about the principles of logistics sorting robots. Let's find out together in this article.

The logistics sorting robot is a robot equipped with sensors, objective lenses and electronic optical systems, which can quickly sort goods. The logistics sorting robot system can greatly reduce the labor demand in the sorting process, improve the sorting efficiency and automation, and greatly improve the sorting accuracy. With the improvement of big data algorithms, the gradual standardization of express mail information, and the integration of intelligent control systems, the sorting robot system has become a highly suitable product for the transformation of the logistics industry from labor-intensive industries to batch intelligence.

The principle is that the logistics sorting robot is like a small worker. Using a variety of technologies, it has its own "eyes". When working, it can locate and recognize itself by "looking" at the QR code pasted on the ground. (This is the technology of automatic color code scanning, quantity detection, shape recognition, etc.) All logistics sorting robots will obey the command of a brain-robot scheduling system. After the robot successfully receives the goods, it will pass the goods overhead through a gantry equipped with peripherals such as industrial cameras and electronic scales. With the help of the code reading function of the industrial camera and the weighing function of the electronic scale, the "brain" can identify the information of the face sheet, complete the scanning and weighing of the goods, and plan the optimal running path of the robot according to the destination of the goods, and schedule the robot to carry out the goods. sorting.

In the process of warehousing and logistics in the manufacturing industry, loading, transportation, and unloading consume a lot of manpower and material resources. As automatic handling equipment, logistics sorting robots play a key role in optimizing the structure of the transportation system, improving transportation efficiency, and reducing costs. With the advent of the era of Industry 4.0, the flexibility and robustness of the manufacturing system are becoming more and more important. As a key subsystem of the modern manufacturing system, the multi-stream sorting robot system undertakes the transportation and supply of materials, effectively improving the overall System flexibility and productivity.