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What is AGV, RGV?


As one of the core equipment of intelligent logistics, mobile handling robots have experienced explosive growth in recent years. In the mobile robot market, in addition to the well-known AGVs, RGVs also play an important role in the automated logistics system. However, for the difference between AGV and RGV, in fact, many people do not have a clear conceptual distinction.

RGV: The full name is Rail Guided Vehicle, that is, "rail guided vehicle", also known as "rail shuttle car". RGV is often used in three-dimensional warehouses with various high-density storage methods. The trolley channel can be designed as long as needed, and no other equipment is required to enter the aisle when handling and moving goods. It is fast and safe, and can effectively improve the operation efficiency of the warehouse system. .

AGV: The full name is Automated Guided Vehicle, that is, "Automated Guided Vehicle". AGV is a transport trolley equipped with electromagnetic, optical or other automatic guidance devices, capable of traveling along a prescribed guidance path, with safety protection and various transplanting functions.

RGV and AGV have been in the limelight in recent years, and they are widely used in e-commerce warehousing and manufacturing industries. Both of them play their own advantages in different scenarios.